Typhoon MotoRacing

Tyφοοn (typhoon) MotoRacing UoWM is the Team created by Students and Professors of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Western Macedonia.

Goal of our Team is to design, manufacture and evaluate an innovative racing motorbike prototype in the category of 250cc with a 4 stroke engine, which is then put to the test and final evaluation at the Motorland Aragón Circuit. It’s the first motorcycle team of the University of Western Macedonia and the Greece’s very first.

Tyφoon MotoRacing will first appear at the IV International MotoStudent Competition promoted jointly by the Moto Engineering Foundation & the TechnoPark MotorLand, staged in Spain for 2016. Since our attempt constitutes the first ever participation of any Greek University at any Competition of this kind and there lies a heavy burden to our Team’s shoulders.

We will have to prove our creativity and innovation skills by directly applying our engineering abilities against other teams from universities all over the world during a period of three semesters.